Hapi.js & invalid cookies

I love using Hapi.js, but every time I start a new project with it I have this problem where all my requests get 400 responses due to an invalid cookie value.

My new shiny hapi app doesn’t care about cookies. I don’t want it to care about cookies. But it still does. By default, hapi tries to read all the cookies that were sent with the request, including signed cookies set by express. Of course, as I’ve a habit of developing on localhost, and because we have multiple apps on the same domain (java, express, as well as hapi) where some of those apps care about these cookies, these cookies are going to get sent along with the request to an app that doesnt care about them. Hapi does it’s job to try and verify the signed express cookie and fails (it doesn’t have any way to actually verify, i.e. no keys/secrets used in the signing), retuning the 400.

So every new hapi service I start with now I ignore cookie errors:

  port: process.env.PORT || 8000,
  state: {
    ignoreErrors: true

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